The 4 D's - A Seasoned Process

The subtitle for The Elijah Project 2 is A New Season. It is aptly titled because I wrote it while I literally felt myself moving from one season of life to the next. The time that passed between Catching Faith and Catching Faith 2 literally encompassed the following changes: I went back to work full time, our church closed one chapter and opened another, my son graduated from High School and I grew another 5 years older. I have not mastered the feelings associated with the passing of time or the transition from one season to another but I have created a little guide to help normalize the process. Seasons are part of the natural order that God created.

This is how I have connected the seasons of the year and the seasons of life.

The 4 D’s

Spring - The dreaming phase. This is the time when things are fresh and new and exploding with new possibility.

Summer - The development phase. During this time things grow and bloom.

Fall - The dissilutionment phase. This time is marked by change, transition and disintegration.

Winter - The death phase. During this time passions wane, ventures dry up and relationships die.

I believe that throughout life both the big and little things cycle through these changes. Whether it is the dawn of an entrepreneurial dream or the closing of a business; the butterflies of a new romance or the death of a romantic fantasy - life ebbs and flows and each season changes us. We can either grow through the change or become stuck in the process of keeping the dream on life support. This thing called LIFE is hard work.

The Elijah Project, A New Season provides personal insights from my story and activities for processing whatever season you currently find yourself in.

Bob Goff says he quits something every Thursday. May you have the courage to face the next season as it comes. Even if it is winter… marked by the death… because after winter comes the spring.