Kairos: An Opportune Moment

Our writing team was honored this weekend with the highest prize for screenwriting from Movieguide.  I am part of a team with my sister - Alexandra Boylan and my brother-in-law - John Graham.  We won the Kairos prize for most inspirational screenplay for our Switched script.  Our story is about a teenage girl who is being bullied and prays that God would have her bully walk a day in her shoes.  The next morning they wake up and their bodies have been switched.  Their journey leads them to find compassion and love for one another.  And they start a Love Revolution.

The word Kairos is an ancient Greek word that means the right, critical or opportune moment.  We believe that this is the opportune moment that God has granted us to share this important story about His love for the world.  

Jesus says the whole Bible can be summed up in this:  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself.   Loving God and others is the entire mission of the Bible.  I am overwhelmed by the love of God to reach down and touch the three of us with his affirmation and love through the Kairos Award.


Andrea PolnaszekComment